Velociraptor sornaensis (vuh-LOSS-er-RAP-tor) is a dromaeosaurid theropod carnivore. Velociraptors are highly intelligent pack hunters. They could run 60-70 mph at full sprint, so they could outrun most dinosaurs. They have a primitive level of vocalization which enables them to direct attacks and call for help. They are also able to set traps. Raptors did not always get along, and were sometimes very anti-social towards each other. However, they show a high devotion in protecting or retrieving their eggs.

Hunting & BehaviorEdit

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Velociraptors hunted in packs of 10-30. Velociraptors would typically pounce on their prey and slash at the stomach with the retractable claw on the middle toe. The average distance an adult Raptor can jump around 3 blocks high and about the same in length. They could run 60-70 mph at full sprint, so they could outrun most dinosaurs.

Velociraptors do not always get along, and are sometimes very anti-social towards each other. Given that they are pack animals, this could just be their way of reinforcing the group pecking order. Velociraptors play on human emotion and set traps, using a human as bait. It's also possible that Velociraptors employed eye contact to distract human prey.


Future PlansEdit

As the blueprints reveal, the Velociraptor sornaensis will have a more detalied model. More species

The Blueprints

of Velociraptor will be added. The raptors from Jurassic World (Blue, Delta, Echo and Charlie) will also be added.

Health & StatsEdit

Health: 50

Height: 2 Blocks

AI: Will pursue other non same species and kill them. Hunt in packs and ambush prey. They may pounce upon their prey, and kill it with their sickle shaped claw. They have great intelligence, and can trap their prey.

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